Business Consulting

Strategic & Operational planning

A strategic plan is used to outline company goals & objectives and to identify the best way to reach them. An operational program is a comprehensive way in which each department will use its resources to achieve the company’s goals & objectives. We can help connect both, the strategic plan and the operational plan for the company to operate efficiently.

Budgeting and Cost Control

Budgeting and cost analysis are crucial elements for the management of any business and for understanding the critical factors which have an impact on business processes. Budgets connect the strategic plan and the operational plan through accurate systems of resource allocation and performance measurement. We can help business owners in this process.

Market & Competitive analysis

Market & competitive analysis facilitates the understanding of a company’s competitive advantages or disadvantages about its competitors. We will work with you to identify and implement the best strategies and tactics to show your strengths.

Business plans

The business plan is the foundation of your company or project. We will help you refine your ideas and strategies. Our role is to help formulate business models, tactics, and strategy.

Project management/CRM

Workflow optimization is essential to reduce costs and provide better services. We help our clients identify how to improve workflows and processes to obtain the best results possible, selecting the best technology for the available budget.

Recruitment & Hiring

We can help business owners develop a recruitment program to attract appropriate potential candidates. Hiring the right candidate implies more than just an interview. We can help in the process of selection of candidates, screening resume’s and how to handle the interview process.

Education & Training

Whether is a new training or an ongoing in-service program, We can help business owners build effective presentations as well as training manuals & programs.

Interim Management

Unexpected leadership change? Are you going through a planned senior management transition? We can help you bridge the gap during the transition.